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Ocular Reichel Viscous Contact System

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Product Code: ORVCS

Journal Reference: Ophthalmic Surgery Lasers & Imaging, Vol. 40, No. 6, pp. 611-612, November/December 2009.

Ocular Reichel Viscous Contact System

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Integrates lens handle and delivery of viscoelastic or other solutions into one system. Designed for use with 5ml syringe*, which is not included. Can be bent as desired to suit individual preference. Designed to be used with all Ocular Instruments Wide Field and Equatorial vitrectomy lenses. Can be used the Ocular Reichel Vitrectomy Lens Holder (ORVLH).

*Can be used with BD 5ml syringe #309603 and BD Angiocath IV catheter #318123 (Remove needle prior to use). Recommended length of flexible catheter is 3-4mm, check for clearance between tip and patients eye prior to use.

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