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Ocular Landers Non-Autoclavable Wide Field Vitrectomy

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Product Code: OLIV-WFNA
Image Mag: .38x
Lens Height: 12mm
Static FOV: 130°
Dynamic FOV: 146°

Ocular Landers Non-Autoclavable Wide Field Vitrectomy

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Single-piece, 155D lens designed for clinical situations where autoclaving is either not available or not desired. Excellent for panoramic viewing of the far peripheral retina and laser photocoagulation when managing a peripheral retinal tear or giant retinal tear. Its wide field of view and low magnification make it particularly useful during fluid-gas exchanges. Excellent lens for use with media opacities such as cataracts and cloudy corneas, and works well through a small pupil. It is the lens of choice for videotaping important procedures.
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