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Ocular Upright 1.3X Surgical Gonioprism

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Product Code:     OUSG-1.3X-H
Gonio Mag:          1.3x
Handle Length:    79mm

Ocular Upright 1.3X Surgical Gonioprism

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Magnified Surgical Gonio prism designed for direct viewing of the trabecular meshwork WITHOUT TILTING the microscope head!  This 1.3x Upright Gonio lens is small in size but big in performance. With very good image resolution and magnification, the finest angle structures can be viewed without distortion. The small size and upright view allow a full 360 degree view of the anterior chamber angle by simply rotating the lens. Excellent choice for anterior chamber inspection during vitrectomy surgery or for delicate ab interno surgical glaucoma procedures. Also steam sterilizable.

 - The magnified two mirror design redirects the oblique Gonio image to the coaxial “cataract” surgical position, allowing the surgeon easy 360° viewing of the anterior chamber.

 - Use of a coupling viscoelastic may be of considerable help visualizing the anterior chamber angle and to prevent air bubbles in the lens corneal interface.

 - Works best with coaxial light source.

 - Includes four extra rings

       - Additional rings available in packs of four

 - Steam sterilizable  

      - Handle can be disassembled for cleaning and sterilization


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