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Ocular Mori Upright Surgical Gonio Lens

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Product Code: OMUSG
Gonio Mag: .80x
Contact Diameter: 11.5mm
Lens Height: 21.5mm
Static FOV: 110°

Journal Reference: AJO, Vol. 143, No. 1, pp. 154-155, January 2007

Ocular Mori Upright Surgical Gonio Lens

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The Mori Upright Surgical Gonio Lens is designed for glaucoma procedures, including goniosynechialysis. The two mirror design redirects the oblique gonio image to the coaxial “cataract” surgical position, allowing the surgeon easy 360° viewing of the anterior chamber. The central view is used to observe instruments passing across anterior chamber. The lens combines the most favorable features of traditional gonioprisms while providing a properly orientated view of the angle. Large limbal aperture to simplify surgery by improving access to clear cornea.

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