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Ocular Landers High Refractive Index (HRI) Vitrectomy Lens Set

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Product Code: OLVS-HRI
Ocular Landers HRI Vitrectomy Lens Set Includes:
OLV-2-HRI Biconcave 90D
OLV-3-HRI Magnifying
OLV-4-HRI Wide Field
OLV-6-HRI 20° Prism
OLV-7-HRI 30° Prism
OLV-1-TN Landers Tall Notched Vitrectomy Lens Ring
OLV-OC Landers Occluder
OLV-FCP Landers Lens Forceps

Ocular Landers High Refractive Index (HRI) Vitrectomy Lens Set


Made from high refractive index glass, the HRI lenses offer a wider field of view, less distortion and reflections. Each possesses new curves and angles, resulting in sharper, clearer peripheral and posterior retinal and vitreous images when compared with earlier lenses. This means fewer lens changes during the surgical procedure. The Landers Tall Notched Lens Ring (no struts) makes sclera depression easier when operating in the region of the vitreous base. The Landers Occluder fits precisely in the lens ring and protects the macula from inadvertent light/photo damage. Set also includes five vitrectomy lenses, lens forceps and an autoclavable case.
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