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Ocular High Definition Three Mirror with 17mm Flange

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Product Code: OG3MHD-17 (OG3MHD-10 Lens w/OACF-17 Flange; methylcellulose recommended)
Image Mag: .65x
Laser Spot Mag: 1.54x
Contact Diameter: 17mm
Lens Height: 27.5mm
Static Gonio FOV: 150°

Flanges also sold separately, see accessory section.

U.S. Patent #6,767,098

Ocular High Definition Three Mirror with 17mm Flange

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Provides mirrors for examination of the fundus and the anterior chamber angle. High index glass three mirror lens with our Laserlight® HD anti-reflective coating for maximum light transmission and image brightness. One 64° gonio mirror and two fundus mirrors, 73° and 67°. Fundus images overlap, no "blind spot" in fundus field.  Features 17mm flange adaptor (OACF-17). Outstanding for laser and diagnostic applications - 15mm or 17mm flange adapters recommended for laser procedures. Compatible with visible and near infrared lasers. Methylcellulose recommended.

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