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How do I clean and disinfect my lenses?

Please visit our Product Care section for cleaning and disinfection of your lenses.

Are there other forms of cleaning and sterilization equipment available?

Yes. However we recommend to consult the instructions of the processing equipment or the manufacturer for compatibility claims. All cleaning and sterilization processes require validation at the point of use.

Are all of your lenses plastic?

Some are all plastic, some are all glass and some are both.   We use the best material to obtain the best optical results possible.

What is the difference between the MaxLight® and MaxField® lenses?

The optics for the MaxLight® lenses is made of CR-39 Acrylic and the optics for the MaxField® is high grade glass. Both essentially perform equally.

What is your widest field of view lens?

For panretinal photocoagulation, it is the Mainster PRP 165; Features 165° field of view.        

For diagnostic, it is the MaxField® 120D; Features 120° field of view.

What do you have for pediatric lenses?

The Four Mirror Mini Gonio Lens, the Single and Two mirrors. The 13mm, 15mm, 16mm and 17mm contact Three mirror lenses (Universal and HRI Glass versions).The Pediatric Vitrectomy Lens Set and Pediatric Flat and Wide Field Vitrectomy lenses. MaxLight® and MaxField® 20D, 28D, 90D lenses. Also the MaxField® 20D SmallMaxField® 120D and the Ultra View SP 132D lenses.  Posner and Sussman lenses, the Thorpe Four Mirror Gonio and both Swan Jacob Gonioprism 9.5mm and 8mm contact lenses. Keoppe Small lens and the Osher Surgical Posterior Pole lens.

Which lenses are for macular work?

All of the Mainster lenses, the Reichel-Mainster, Proretina and PDT lenses.

What is the difference between the Abraham Argon Iridotomy and Abraham YAG Iridectomy lenses?

The Abraham Argon Iridotomy (OAIA) is used with an Argon laser and cannot be used with YAG laser. However the Abraham YAG Iridectomy (OAIY) can be used with both YAG and Argon lasers.

Are all your 4 mirror gonio lenses plastic?

Some are and some are not.  Our Posner and Sussman brand are made with the highest possible grade of optical polymers. Our Gaasterland brand and Autoclavable version are made of High Refractive Index Glass (HRI).

What is the difference between HRI and quartz lenses?

HRI lenses are made from a glass which has a higher index of refraction.  As a result, there are fewer reflections, less glare and a little more field of view when compared to the corresponding lens made from quartz. 

What is LaserLight® HD anti-reflective coating?

Our LaserLight® HD anti-reflective coating was specially designed to minimize reflection on high index lenses. The high definition images that can be achieved with this coating are ideal for digital imaging applications. Reflections are reduced 50-80% compared with traditional coatings. Laserlight® HD significantly increases image brightness and maximizes laser efficiency. Laserlight® HD has a more spectrally neutral reflection and yields a more natural image color palette. It surpasses MIL-C-48497 standard for coating durability and is highly scratch resistant.

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